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Lol, Jon Rahm tried his best but it just wasn’t good enough. Cameron Smith (fella mulleteer, shoutout Chubba) takes the win at the Tournament of Champions in Hawaii at the Kapalua Plantation Course with a mind numbing 34 strokes under par. Look, we’ve all played video games as kids and turned the sliders up to the max to dominate our virtual opponents. It’s fun at first but man does it get old after awhile. Well we’ve officially reached “time to turn the sliders down” time in professional golf. What are we doing here? 34 strokes under par? Three guys 30+ strokes under par in a single weekend event? It would take Chubba 36 years to get even one stroke under par, let alone 34. Something’s gotta give here. We’ve shortened drivers, changed the yardage books, and here we are, the first real event of the year and the squad is a million strokes under par. Tune in to hear our solutions to this problem. Give a listen, like, share, subscribe and leave a review!









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