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Paige Renee Spiranac is one of the most "followed" golfers in the world. Find out why and get to know her in an entirely new way.  Not only does she love playing the game, she is a massive fan of the sport and golfers at all levels. No matter your skill level, Playing A Round, is the place for Golfers and Sports Enthusiasts to have a really good time. Paige doesn't take herself too seriously. She's sexy and playful and ready to give you a little T & A (Tips and Advice) so listen up! Golf is known to reduce stress, release endorphins and it offers a wide range of mental and physical...

Most Recent Episode :

Paige and Amanda dive straight into the latest in golf, including Tiger heading to the Masters, world #1 Scottie Scheffler, and Lee Westwood vs. the media before dissecting Paige’s latest Twitter beef, her fear of the jail under Augusta National, and Will Smith’s bitch slap. They end with a quick dose of T&A.

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