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In episode 119, Stuart chats with former touring professional and now commentator and media personality, Mark Allen. 
Mark answers some rapid fire questions about his playing career.  
Mark has some funny and entertaining stories with the Rules, with Referees and provides his biggest tip to aspiring Referees on how to deal with players.


This situation comes down to whether Stuart’s ball is lost or whether it is known or virtually certain that his ball was moved by an outside influence.From the sounds of it, when the question said ” but knowing that he really doesn’t know for sure that someone else took his ball” would suggest that there was no serious consideration to whether Stuart thought his ball was moved by an outside influence.  It was them thinking it was just unfair and just put another ball into play.IF the Committee decided that it was KVC that Stuart’s ball was moved by an outside influence, then he was permitted to replace a ball back on the estimated spot and resume play of the hole with no penalty.  However, Rule 9.6 requires a ball to be replaced on the spot and not dropped.  Stuart dropping the ball would incur the GP for playing from a wrong place.  
Normally, a penalty must not be added or corrected after a stroke-play competition has closed.  If Stuart did not know about the GP, he is not disqualified for the lower score as did not know about the penalty strokes before the competition closed.   In this case, the competition results would stand.  
IF the Committee decided there was NOT KVC for an outside influence moving the ball, then Stuart’s ball was lost and his only option was to proceed under stroke and distance and return to the teeing area.  He has put another into play in the middle of the fairway, however he has made a stroke from the wrong place and that would be considered a serious breach due to the significant advantage he would have gained.  The SB needs to be corrected before making a stroke to begin the 10th hole, otherwise Stuart is DQed. 
However, let’s turn to Rule 20.2e(2) is Disqualifying Players After the Result of Competition Is Final.  A player must be disqualified even after the competition is closed if they:

Knew before the competition had closed that they were in breach of any other Rule with a penalty of disqualification, or
Agreed with another player to ignore any Rule or penalty they knew applied.

The Committee would need to decide that Stuart knew that he couldn’t just drop a ball in the middle of the fairway for a lost ball.  Blakey’s comments in the bar afterwards would also suggest that he knew that wasn’t the correct procedure.  They may ask the players to confirm their understanding of the Rule. 
On this basis, The Committee would DQ both Stuart and Blakey.   Jeff, who finished 3rd, would be awarded the Winter Cup. 
You could also turn to Rule 1.3b – Applying the Rules.   Players are responsible for applying the Rules to themselves.  
If a player knows they have breached a Rule that involves a penalty and deliberately fails to apply the penalty, the player is disqualified.  If two or more players agree to ignore any Rule or penalty they know applies and any of those players have started the round, they are disqualified. 
If I was on the Committee, I would strongly push to DQ both Blakey and Stuart for failing to follow the correct procedure for Stuart’s lost ball. 


Blakey and Stuart are playing a match in the Koala Cup at Wombat Hills.
Blakey makes a putt on the 18th to win the match.  Blakey and Stuart shake hands and Stuart says, “Congratulations!”As they stand beside the 18th green attending to their clubs, a spectator walks briskly from the Clubhouse and tells Stuart that Blakey forgot to replace his ball marker in the correct spot, after he moved it on the putting green.  Blakey and Stuart cannot remember but they agree to play extra holes to determine the winner.   Stuart wins the 20th hole. 
What is the official result of the match and why?

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