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The best golf stories have multiple layers to them. In each episode, Local Knowledge dives deep into a subject golfers want to know about, whether it’s about the game they play, the competition at the highest level, or the surprising ways golf factors into larger conversations throughout society. Hosts Daniel Rapaport and Alex Myers weave together original interviews, Golf Digest reporting, and additional elements to tell the type of compelling stories that have been a Golf Digest staple for decades.

Most Recent Episode :

Season 3 of Local Knowledge launches with a look at Greg Norman’s longtime vision of a competing golf circuit to the PGA Tour. Norman first championed the concept as a top-ranked player who wanted to start a “World Tour” in the 1990s, and it continues today as the frontman for an ambitious Saudi-funded effort. Dan Rapaport examines the common threads between Norman’s idea back then and what it looks like today, and why he has been so determined to make it happen.

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