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The Real Life Caddie Podcast' is a look at the world of golf through the eyes of real life caddies! Lifer caddies and hosts of the show, Big G and Neil, will give you a fast moving and informative spectacle covering all aspects of the game we love! From caddie stories and tips for amateur golfers, to special guests and crafted games of knowledge, this podcast will entertain and enlighten both your mind and golf game!

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On this episode of The Real Life Caddie Podcast:

Big G is joined by his caddie partner in crime, Mike Zabbo.It’s been a few weeks since the last episode and the boys have a lot to discuss.Highlights in Caddie Stories include: the boys from New Jersey, ‘Mulligans Galore’ and ‘Caddie Grooming’ by a Swinging Couple!The boys then move on to discuss the big talking points from the World of Golf. They talk about Scottie Shefflers year of dominance, Tiger’s return to the game and of course, the Saudi Golf League.The episode ends with a few listener mail bag questions and shoutouts!

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