Private: Alternative Pest Management

Are you experiencing unwelcome guests in your Derby, KS home? Look no further than Alternative Pest Management for your pest control needs. We specialize in humane and environmentally friendly solutions to keep your space free from pests. Our team is particularly skilled in rodent control in Derby, providing relief to homeowners plagued by these pesky intruders. Beyond rodents, we also offer comprehensive termite extermination services, ensuring that the structural integrity of your property remains uncompromised. With a focus on natural pest control methods, our approach prioritizes the health of both residents and the environment. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled – we listen to your concerns, assess your specific situation diligently, and implement targeted treatments designed for long-term results. Alternative Pest Marketing is dedicated not just to resolving current infestations but also to preventing future ones.

Products/Services we offer:
Pest control, natural pest control, termite extermination