Three Marm Brewing

Founded in 2016, Three Marm Brewing is small brew crafter conceived and created by Andrew Divoff

Three Marm Brewing Co. is all about real craftsmen brewing real craft beer. Three Marm Brewing arose from its founders—Andrew Divoff, Donnie Strodtman, and Adam Hernandez– sharing a mutual background in logging. In 2003, they formed a logging crew to address the bark beetle blight that threatened pine trees in the San Bernardino Mountains. With the use of a 75-ton crane, the crew removed dead and dying Poderosa Pines, helping to prevent the further infection of trees in the region. Three Marm Brewing was later joined by Erica Wright in 2017. Erica has volunteered for Three Marm’s charity pours since its inception, and now manages the microbrewery’s online presence.

Three Marm Brewing Co. was established with the mountain culture in mind. “Marm” is logger parlance for the point up in a tree where it branches out into 2 or more trunks. Most of the Three Marm crew were loggers at one time and used the marm in a tree to secure the climber/cutter’s “basecamp”.

Andrew Divoff began brewing beer in 2014, with the debut of his Djinn’s Hellabrew at the horror film convention Rock and Shock. To date, all of the pours of Djinn’s Hellabrew have benefitted charities. Consistent with Andrew’s past efforts, the brewery is being built with the community in mind. The founders are building out a former post office and library in the Crest Forest, California region, and are aiming to be good neighbors, taking pride in their neighborhood. Upon completion of the renovations and opening of the brewery, Andrew’s vision for running the business is one of corporate responsibility, caring for the environment and giving back to the community.