La Cucina at the Market

Experience the warmth and tradition of an authentic Italian Sunday dinner right here in Philadelphia. Join us at La Cucina at the Market for a cooking class that will transport you to Nonna’s kitchen, where the aroma of simmering sauces and sizzling meats fills the air. Indulge in the preparation of a bountiful feast, just like the ones enjoyed by Italian families on Sundays. From the savory delights of antipasto to the mouthwatering meatballs, sausage, and broccolini that will make your Sunday gravy sing, every dish is a labor of love. Under the expert guidance of our seasoned chefs, you’ll learn the art of rolling and frying meatballs, master the perfect blend of spices for sausage, and create a tender, flavorful stuffed pork tenderloin.  Prepare to be surprised with delightful sweet treats to round off your feast. Bring your appetite and join us at La Cucina at the Market for an unforgettable culinary experience that will transport you to the heart of Italian-American traditions. Reserve your spot in our cooking classes in Philadelphia today!

Services: Italian cooking classes for families, date nights, or corporate team-building events