Steph’s Souper Catering

All types of catering, especially business lunches, featuring smoked beef brisket, smoked pork barbecue and fried turkey. Broccoli salad to die for! Best homemade desserts you can find, including her famous State Fair strawberry shortcake with literally thousands sold over the last 30 years.Established in 1985.Starting out in 1985 at the NC State Fair, we had to build an inspected kitchen. To utilize this asset more fully, we began to cater year ’round. Catered extensively for Durham Public Schools and GKN Driveline. Weddings, family reunions and especially business lunches. We feature the best smoked beef brisket this side of the Pacific Ocean, moist and tender, smoked to perfection. Our own smoked pork barbecue, whole pig pickin’s, sliced, or chopped, with our own delicious unique BBQ sauce. Best fried turkey you have ever tasted. Everything homemade, including desserts. Best food you have ever eaten!34 years experience as a chef and owning a top-notch catering service. I make everything from scratch and don’t use prepared institutional foods. I have catered many times for the head of a large multi-national corporation as well as loical brides.