Origin House of Fitness

Origin’s fitness classes provide a welcoming space where members can begin a journey of self-discovery and exploration through sustainable functional fitness modalities. Trauma-informed care is an integral part of Origin’s teaching methodology, making it a destination for a wide demographic of fitness enthusiasts. Our highly trained owner is committed to empowering bodies & minds in a safe, supportive and encouraging way.Established in 2017.Every single class offered is designed to be accessible to any and every body, whether it’s Yoga, Barre Fitness, or Mat Pilates. Each class is a full-body workout that is high intensity but low-impact, making it safe, challenging, and effective for all ages. Classes are small, with plenty of personalized attention from a highly trained and passionate instructor. Mindfulness and breath are incorporated, teaching members how to cultivate the strength, stamina, and focus necessary to be fully present in life on and off the mat.My mission is to inspire others to make positive changes in their lives, on and off of their mat. My upbeat classes focus on alignment and muscle engagement, resulting in a safe and effective full body workout.