Muni Robata

Muni Robata is the finest luxury Japanese restaurant that Toronto has to offer. Our mission is to provide an unforgettable dining experience for our guests, with outstanding personalized service, distinct flavors, and a unique take on classic Japanese meals. Using the Robata, a traditional Japanese open flame grill, and an innovative fusion cooking style, we strive to redefine the meaning of gourmet Japanese cuisine.

If you are looking for sushi places in Toronto, we have a wide variety of dishes for your dining enjoyment. we believe that great food is about sharing the best traditional Japanese dishes with our guests. Muni Robata offers our guests the finest Japanese cuisine Toronto has to offer. Our innovative fusion cooking style and open flame grill allow us to create mouthwatering Robata grilled delicacies, while our premium sushi and tempura leave you wanting more. We invite you to come to join us at Muni Robata and experience what has made this restaurant so popular with diners from all over the world.