Private: AED Advantage Sales Ltd.

With a heartful commitment to safeguarding lives, AED Advantage Sales Ltd. has established itself as a leading provider of AED solutions across Canada, catering to businesses, schools, public centers, first responders, and government entities. Our experienced team takes pride in educating clients about the life-saving potential of defibrillators while ensuring they select the ideal unit for their specific needs. We offer an extensive array of top-quality aed kits, including renowned brands such as Heartsine AED and Lifepak AED. Each product is meticulously chosen to ensure reliability when it matters most. Additionally, our comprehensive selection of aed supplies guarantees that our customers are equipped with all necessary accessories to maintain readiness at all times. Since 2003, we have channeled our passion into not just selling products but advocating for accessible emergency technologies that empower individuals to protect and save lives.