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Welcome to The My Love Of Golf Podcast or M.L.O.G. The GOLF podcast for those who like interesting insights from real life golfers about their real life love of golf. Join host Rossco for great interviews and also Rocket the resident Tour, Architecture and Trivia buff. Subscribe for the quickest action.

Most Recent Episode :

PLAY TODAY – Launching March 14

The future of golf is dynamic, exciting and evolving and with the power of technology, soon we will have our first Australian-developed golf community in the Metaverse. It is called PLAY TODAY.

In this episode, I catch up with PLAY TODAY Partnership team member Champbe Joo-Lennox as he and his team prepare to launch PLAY TODAY at the PLAY TODAY NSW OPEN.

Trust me, as I have seen a sneak peek behind the Metaverse curtain, you will want to see what the team have created, and it is easy to see how this concept can potentially make a massive impact on how people engage with the game both now and in the future.

At a time when the sport has been screaming for leaders to take the reigns and bring golf into the future with the power of technology, we have it here, and it is developed right here in our own backyard.

Check out PLAY TODAY as it launches as part of the PLAY TODAY NSW Open coverage.

Follow along and enjoy the ride into the golfing metaverse.






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