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Me And My Golf is the largest golf YouTube channel in the world. PGA Coaches Piers Ward and Andy Proudman have dedicated their lives to helping golfers get better and as European Tour coaches, they know what it takes to become a world class golfer. This podcast is going to help you get up to speed with the latest trends in golf coaching, news, mindset and overall performance as they discuss and interview some of the world leaders in golf. Giving you simple tips and tools to help you take charge of your game.

Most Recent Episode :

In today’s podcast, we have 2 amazing guests, Layne Savoie and Dr Rob Neale to talk about something special that they have created that will transform your wedge game. They have created an online training plan called Wedge Craft, which is the art and science of wedge play.

Layne Savoie is a PGA professional, NCAA coach who has been mentored by the some of the best teachers in the game including Chuck Cook, David Leadbetter, Mac O’Grady and Mark Blackburn and has regularly worked with Tour players throughout the years.

Dr. Rob Neal is world-renowned for Biomechanics. We first met Rob in 2012 on our world tour at the very start of Me and My Golf. Rob has worked with many of the world’s best players and coaches and has developed his own 3D motion analysis system. He is now starting to use his years of experience and knowledge in the field of biomechanics to understand short game skills.

Today you will learn some of the key lessons in wedge play from years of research and experience from these world class coaches.


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