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Enjoy the Walk Golf Podcast. Life Motto. Twice a week talk show on Tuesdays & Thursdays walking you through the latest golf news & stories from all ends of this crazy game! Interviewing the industry's finest men & women that make the game of golf so incredible. Get out there, Carry Your Clubs, & Enjoy The Walk #enjoythewalk Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/enjoythewalk/support

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When you buy a shirt you care how it fits. You care about how that shirt is going to perform in 80-100 degree heat through 18 Holes! 


Did you ever think, when that shirt is 3-5 year old? What happens to it when you simply throw it away? Is that shirt sustainable? Is the product I’m wearing on my back going to rot in a landfill for the next 100 years? 


With sustainability in mind, Radmor is changing the way we look at sustainability within golf shirts. In a big way!

Today we sit down with Co-Founder Scott Morrison to discuss the incredible rise of Radmor and how two college golf buddies rounded back on a years-old ambition to take on the industry’s juggernauts and challenge the status quo and the conversation around sustainability within an entire industry!

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