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Mark Immelman isn't just the older brother and swing coach of 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman, he's a broadcaster on a variety of platforms, one of the leading instructors in the world of golf and happy to help improve your game.

Most Recent Episode :

Mike Gish is the co-Inventor of the TGT Total Golf Trainer, a Jim Mclean certified Master Adaptive Golf Instructor, and one of the leading minds in Golf Instruction.

He joins #OntheMark to talk golf instruction and to illustrate how the Total Golf Trainer (TGT) can be used to help rectify all manner of golf swing issues.

He shows how the TGT uses Visual and Tactile cues to highlight areas in the swing, and explains drills and fixes to aid in the following faults:  Incorrect Wrist Alignments – either Flexion or Extension, Faulty Hip Tilts and Rotation Speeds, Incorrect Swing Planes, Trail Arm Location and Folding errors. Indeed he explains how a little creativity and modification of the TGT can pretty much address any swing flaw.

You can also watch how Mike uses the TGT by watching this interview on YouTube – search Mark Immelman.


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