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Mark Immelman isn't just the older brother and swing coach of 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman, he's a broadcaster on a variety of platforms, one of the leading instructors in the world of golf and happy to help improve your game.

Most Recent Episode :

Jonathan Carr is a former successful NCAA Collegiate golfer who has turned to coaching and teaching.  Based in Canada, he specializes in golf instruction with an emphasis on Peak Performance.

Carr joins #OntheMark to talk about his notion of Peak Performance and how you can perform at the peak of your personal skill and ability all of the time.

He talks about the idea of any individual’s “Greatest Fear and Greatest Treasure” and how those influence mindset and performance.  (The theory is one Carr learned from renowned pastor, Tim Keller.)

Jonathan then explains why he believe golfers suffer from unnecessary stress and pressure by grading performance by winning or losing.  As a more beneficial way approaching performance and expectations, Jonathan describes how Peak Performance is obtained by striving for the characteristics of Courage, Joy, Focus, Determination, Peace and Self-Control.

He elaborates on how “Journaling” can lead to a better understanding of events and hence chart a path toward more consistent Peak Performance. 

He also talks about the Wisdom of Separating Oneself from Expectations, The Origin of Confidence, Dealing with Anxiety, Sources of Momentum, “Lighthouse Statements for a Focussed Mindset, and Eliminating Unnecessary Battles for Improved Focus.

This podcast is also available as a Vodcast on YouTube.

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