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Enjoy the Walk Golf Podcast. Life Motto. Twice a week talk show on Tuesdays & Thursdays walking you through the latest golf news & stories from all ends of this crazy game! Interviewing the industry's finest men & women that make the game of golf so incredible. Get out there, Carry Your Clubs, & Enjoy The Walk #enjoythewalk Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/enjoythewalk/support

Most Recent Episode :

Jacqui Surman has been with Sky Golf for almost 2 decades. She has seen the transformation in real-time from a  handheld GPS giving inaccurate information on a monotone screen that would die on the 14th hole to what now is a bright and vibrant screen giving you to the yard information accurately right on your wrist! 

Times have changed for Sky Golf & Sky Caddie over the years and we get into what it has taken to get there. From boots on the ground across the world to over 35,000 golf courses mapped and in their system. Jacqui walks us through what the journey has been to date and how that has garnered Sky Golf with praise from top tour pros and their caddies across the globe! 

If you want to learn more about the products Sky Golf has to offer and see our EXCLUSIVE discounts on the products mentioned above specifically our favorite wearable, the LX5 watch, head to https://www.skygolf.com/?affiiateID=ENJOYTHEWALK 

Thank you for listening, Now get out there, carry your clubs, & enjoy the walk!


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