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Mark Immelman isn't just the older brother and swing coach of 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman, he's a broadcaster on a variety of platforms, one of the leading instructors in the world of golf and happy to help improve your game.

Most Recent Episode :

David Woods has been a  PGA of America member since 1999. Prior to that he was a member in good standing of the Canadian PGA. David is the Director of Golf at The Vintage Club (Indian Wells CA) and is the former coach of 2003 Masters champion, Mike Weir.

David joins #OntheMark to demonstrate his (in partnership with Sean Foley) new training aid, the ProSendr, which teaches the proper, and functional, wrist alignments in the golf swing.

David believes the hands and wrists are the GPS of the golf-swing and understanding their important role and how they move to control clubface alignments and loft is paramount to good ball-striking.

While he demonstrates the ProSendr he discusses important elements to quality golf shots such as:

Clubface Alignment and Loft Control, Wrist Flexibility, Body Rotation and Wrist Relationships, the Timing of the Wrist-set in the Backswing, the Forces and Torques on the Wrists during the Swing, how the Clubface trails the Hand-path in the Downswing, and Wrist Alignments for Draws and Fades.

He also illustrates how the ProSendr can be used for the Long Game, the Short Game and Putting improvement.

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