Averee Dovsek with Tips to help You Gain More Clubhead Speed and Distance off the Tee

Averee Dovsek is a professional golfer, a TV and Media personality, the host of her own podcast “Why You Suck at Golf” and a Women’s Long Drive Contestant.  

She has made rapid strides in the Long Driving arena and since 2021 has improved her clubhead speed from an average of 103 mph to 116 mph.  In other words she has gone from averaging around 280 yards off the tee to well over 300 yards.

Averee joins #OntheMark to help you ramp up your clubhead and ball speed to get a little extra pop off the tee.  She shares many insights to more powerful tee-shots including:

Productive, simple driving range work focussing on strike quality Getting comfortable hitting a lot of balls Building extension and width at the top of the swing Ball position and Tee height for ascending strikes The proper weight shift and body movement for power Head stability and balance Using your eyes properly for improved balance, and  Shaft lengths and flexes for maximizing clubhead speed.

She also shares a few tips to help you suck less at golf – Dealing properly with information overload, Watching video for improvement, “Swallowing the pill” and realizing your mistakes, Better scoring from 100 yards and in, Gym workouts and mobility and flexibilty, Mental maturity and Dealing with nerves.

This podcast is also available on YouTube – search and subscribe to Mark Immelman.