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Community based marketing that builds more loyal customers.


Get your FREE Business Listing!  Perklee.com is an All-in-One marketing company that specializes in brand management, website development, targeted ad placement, collecting valuable consumer data, and improving local organic SEO rankings.  Our goal is simple…Give you the best ROI in marketing!

What makes marketing so difficult is seeing a return on your investment!  

We take pride in giving you the highest ROI and we are currently working with a diverse collection of businesses across the world.  We use community-based targeted marketing on social media to drive consumers to support our great Perklee Partners.   We combine that with customized targeted ads for your business and engage your customers with automated communications to maximize leads and traffic at your business.  Perklee is more than marketing, we are a community of businesses working together to keep marketing costs down and revenue up!

Choose the plan that best fits your needs!  

It is always FREE to list your business on Perklee, but encourage you to upgrade to become a Premium Partner and help support our community.  Included in your partnership as a Premium Member for only $97/month is:

  1. Business Listing on Perklee.com

  2. QR Code to send customers directly to your page.

  3. Data Collection for any consumer who creates an account under your QR Code or lists you as a favorite business.

  4. Website Builder

  5. Email/SMS Automation

  6. Customized Workflow Automation

  7. Chatbot for website

  8. Wholesale Pricing at Perklee Print

  9. Exclusive Invites to Partner Events

A dedicated Perklee Marketing Manager who will work closely with you to help you manage your listing, perks, and marketing efforts, website and social media to ensure you reach your ROI goals.

Incredible internal marketing material with customized QR Code around your brand!  Our goal is to provide you with eye catching designs that promotes your brand internally, grabs the customers attention by marketing potential savings and encouraging them to review! 

Grab your phone and see how it works!

Capturing consumer data is essential to growing your business!  Perklee.com makes it easier than ever by encouraging getting the customer to sign up by saving and reviewing!  We never sell consumer information and it is only used to email customers about great perks you offer!

Don’t be affraid of reviews!  Did you know that 67% of customers read reviews before visiting a business?

The generic 5-star review systems are limited!  Our robust review system is specific to each business industry and uses six different criterias to calcuate your over all 5-star review!

Perklee.com gives you have more control too!  Our review validation is designed to ensure reviews are accurate and truthful!  Simply request a validation and we will reachout to the customer on your behalf and report back to you.

Our unlimited solutions that include website and target marketing options are our most popular options.  Being successful on social media is all about ad placement & consistency!  Your website is your first impression and we can make you stand out!

We specialize in creating great content and  finding your target audience. We can manage up to ad placement, video promotions & develop and manage a website that will increase customer engagement.

Additional fees apply for ad placement & additonal social media accounts.

We actively seek out B2B partnerships to help you save on everyday business expenses! 

Perklee Print Pro shop is a full-service print shop that saves you up to 40% on your marketing needs from staff uniforms to promotional products like drinkware, pens, etc.!

Ask us for a quote and see how this offsets your monthly partnership costs!

Let us put it all together for you and help you grow your business!  What you can expect when you partner with us…..

A dedicated Account Manager will reach out and work closely with you to create your business listing, set up Perks & get access to your social media accounts. 

We will create eye catching designs using your brand and determine the best placement throughout your business to grab the customers attention.

We will meet with you to complete your promotional video outline and set up a time for our content creator to come shoot your video. 

Once your video is approved, we will use the video to run ads for your target markets and use on your perklee.com listing.

No other platfrom gives you a higher ROI than Perklee.com.  Watch your revenue grow by increasing customer retention, customer engagement, lead collection, creating brand loyalty, improving SEO and generating new customers through perklee.com!