Peacock Tags Incorporated


Peacock originated in the 1920’s as an engraver of jewelry and silver  hollowware in a jewelry store in downtown Beaumont.  By the late 1960’s  the jewelry store was gone but the engraving portion of the business was  still in high demand.  The business expanded from jewelry to signs and  identification products in the industrial electrical market in the late  1970’s.  During the 1980’s computerized engraving equipment was  introduced in the business and the capacity for production increased  five-fold.  Business continually grew in the Southeast Texas area  throughout the 80’s and 90’s as the capacity for production increased  and of course through the internet boom of the late 90’s and into the  new millennium.  The customer base has continued to expanded to include  the petrochemical, marine, pulp & paper, OEM’s, hospitals, and  schools, among many others across the United States.