Brad Storm VO

When I was a child, my imagination would run wild with the many character voices I would create. Hello, my name is Brad Storm, and I have been professionally trained in voice over since 2011.

I have been behind the mic for over 20 years as a ring announcer, podcaster, and host for television. My professional studio allows me the ability to offer fast return on any and all projects.

I also served 15 years behind the nozzle as a firefighter, learning to work in pressure situations communicating to my crew until the smoke cleared.

The first time voice over was even a vision in my mind was when I decided to go back to school and acquire my technical degree in radio/broadcasting through the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. I was introduced to reading script/copy and learning how to use Adobe Audition during this time. Throughout my time at Connecticut School of Broadcasting, I was introduced to a well renowned DJ and through her training, I learned pacing and how to break down copy.

I would later move to S.C. and decided to build my own professional home studio and learn everything I could about voice over and how to be successful at it. With each passing year, I have grown in my craft and would enjoy working with you to punch your next project in the FACE!

Ideal Referral partners would have to be passionate about what they are trying to accomplish. They are social media savvy and can celebrate wins alongside you and vice versa.

Ideal partners would preferably have connections in the publishing, marketing, animation, video game or the fight world.