Hugger Mugger Brewing Company

 Peek Behind the Curtain

Hugger Mugger means secretive or hidden and is one of hundreds of words coined by Shakespeare.  This concept is a perfect match for a city with noted masonic influence.  Hugger Mugger Brewing celebrates the secretive whether it be through our skull & bones imagery or the symbol-laden tapestries adorning the walls of the beer hall.

The least secretive aspect of Hugger Mugger Brewing is owners David McComas & Tim Emmert.  David & Tim’s passion for craft beer is expressed through a broad repertoire of craft beer styles for an audience of diverse palettes.  The brewery building is designed to accommodate large crowds and includes a beer hall with a front bar of 20 taps and an outdoor beer garden where food trucks set up.

Hugger Mugger’s beer hall is a family friendly & kid friendly environment.  While we love dogs the only furry friends allowed in the building by law are licensed and tagged service animals.