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Our Story


I’m a wife of over 35 years, the mother of two grown sons, a retired attorney,  a soap maker, and the owner/founder of Cottonwood Soap Company.

Like many things in my life, I started making soap on a whim.  My husband has dry, eczema prone skin and I have very dry cracked heels.  We were spending a small fortune on products from the store, but never really getting the relief we wanted.  I decided to see if I couldn’t make something myself that would help both of our issues and headed to the internet for DIY recipes.  Then, as happened to too many others, I fell down the rabbit hole known as Pinterest.  Here, I discovered beautiful soaps that others had made and I thought, why not? what do I have to lose?

Soon I was searching for an “easy” soap recipe and eventually found one that I thought looked simple enough.  Next thing I knew, I had assembled what I thought I needed to make my first batch of soap and was making soap in the kitchen.  Sadly, It turned out that I hadn’t done quite enough research and that first batch was a total failure and went straight into the trash can.  However, rather than giving up, I did more reading, watched a few videos, learned what I had done wrong and tried again.  This time, it seemed ok, but I still had to wait 6 weeks for this next batch to cure to see how successful I was.  Turns out this soap worked great.

As I continued making soaps I soon had more soap than our family could use.  Next, I shared my soap with family and friends- got their feedback on the different recipes I was developing [So, as you can see, while I don’t test my products on cute furry animals, they are tested on big smelly human animals, LOL]

Finally, with the encouragement of family and friends I started Cottonwood Soap to share my products with you, my wonderful customers.

So what about my original goals of helping my husband’s cruddy skin and my gross heals?  Well, since using my soap, my husband says that his skin feels so much better and he hasn’t had any big breakouts of dry, patchy skin.  For me, I finally developed the Happy Heals Lotion Stick, which has made a big difference  to my cracked heels.

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