Detroit Muffler and Brakes

Nestled in the heart of Warren, Michigan, Detroit Muffler and Brakes is a revered Auto repair shop Warren MI known for its integrity and quality services. Vehicle owners in Warren trust us to keep their cars running smoothly with comprehensive auto repair solutions that span from meticulous muffler and brake work to precision transmission servicing. Our state-of-the-art collision repair will have your car looking as good as new after an unexpected encounter. With a keen eye on engine health, we offer extensive engine repairs and are adept at both light and heavy repair challenges alike. When it’s time for new tires or you need electrical repairs to address those unpredictable dashboard lights, we have the expertise needed to ensure your safety and vehicle performance are top-notch. Our team of knowledgeable technicians is dedicated to solving any automotive issue with efficiency and attention to detail. For reliable service from people who care about your driving experience, look no further than Detroit Muffler and Brakes.