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El Toro Rojo Truck

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Welcome to El Toro Rojo Truck,

We can’t yet put our finger on what makes El Toro Rojo some of the best tasting Mexican food on wheels. Their taco food truck features dishes that are seemingly simple: think tacos, burritos, quesadillas and nachos with a side of guac. Yet, each bite is deceivingly packed with a flavorful punch that leaves you craving the next one. From their seasoning, to homemade marinade and salsas, to imported dried chillies from Mexico, you can always count on El Toro Rojo for consistent quality, freshness and authentic Mexican cuisine from one of New York’s best taco food trucks.

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Derek P



The tacos are unbelievable! I always get extra to save for late night snacks because the are to die for! They are always so fast as well.