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Bioluminescent Kayak Tours

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Bioluminescent Kayak Tours

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Are you ready to Get Up and GLOW?! Our bioluminescent tours are given in our amazing 100% clear kayaks! We only bring groups of up to 10 people out on the water at a time so be ready for an awesome personalized experience with our top notch guides. We have 2 tour guides per group which makes for an even better experience! We believe that giving the information about the bioluminescence and surrounding areas in a fun and caring way will leave a lasting effect to all guests!

Bioluminescence is the emission of light by a living organism. When the organisms move in the water they create a beautiful glowing effect. This means that you can see fish underwater by the glow that they give off as they swim, your paddle will glow as you maneuver the waterways, and the natural flow of water will illuminate these organisms. We often see dolphins, manatees, rays, and so much more ignite the bioluminescence at night as well!

We’re the first clear kayaking bioluminescent company and proud of it! The great thing about paddling in our clear kayaks in the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge is that you can also see the glowing directly below you! Paddling in a clear kayak will enhance your bioluminescence viewing experience by a long shot!

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